At Transition Fitness & Sport Therapy in Napa Valley, we work with you to build a balanced physical foundation that allows you to move fluidly at work and play 
~ in a way that has you feel your full potential.

     Services we provide include:

  • Active Release Techniques® (ART) – This state of the art soft tissue system is based on a patented massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligament, fascia and nerves. It is very effective in treating: 

                              * headaches
                              * shoulder pain (i.e. rotator cuff)
                              * back pain (i.e. upper or lower back)
                              * tennis or golf elbow
                              * carpal tunnel syndrome
                              * hip pain (i.e. sciatica, piriformis syndrome
                              * knee pain (i.e. ITBand, patellar tendonitis)
                              * shin splints
                              * plantar fasciitis
                              * achilles tendonitis
                              Plus many other soft tissue related issues!                       

  • Biomechanical Analysis – Identify muscular imbalances that cause injury, pain or weakness during activity. For example, if you have difficulty or pain when:

                              * squatting
                              * reaching overhead
                              * walking up/down stairs
                              * grasping your tennis racquet or golf club
                              Plus many other movements!

  • Functional Training – Customized exercises to strengthen specific muscles and eliminate sub-optimal movement patterns that can create pain and injury.
move fluidly at work & play