Active Release Techniques® (ART) often quickly resolves injuries that otherwise might be considered “untreatable” or candidates for surgery. We pair ART with appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises, devising a progressive exercise program to keep tissue remodeling and promote full recovery. ART has proven to be fast and effective in treating strains and tears, acute and chronic tendonitis and joint dysfunctions, such as:

  • IT band syndrome & knee pain
  • shoulder pain & rotator cuff tears & tendonitis
  • carpal tunnel 
  • shin splints
  • plantar fasciitis 
  • back & neck pain
  • hip pain, piriformis syndrome & sciatica
  • golf & tennis elbow

 ART is a patented form of soft-tissue therapy that releases adhesions (scar tissue) that can cause muscle weakness, tightness and pain. Using a series of hands-on techniques while the affected muscles are in motion, the ART practitioner assesses the damaged tissue and releases the adhesions, separating bound tissue and restoring function. An average case resolves in 8-12 treatments, depending upon the nature of the injury. In some instances symptoms have been known to resolve in a single visit. 

move fluidly at work & play
“I kept ignoring a pain in my thigh - in part because I was afraid it was something awful, in part because I didn't know what to do about it. Just three sessions with Laura cleared it up. She was so skillful at helping me understand what was wrong that my anxiety evaporated along with my pain. Now if anything goes wrong, I know where to go and not to waste time worrying about something that can be fixed.”
– Jane, Berkeley, CA (Frequent Flyer)
Listen to Dr. Mike Leahy, developer of Active Release Techniques.