Biomechanical Analysis helps identify what’s going on in your movement patterns that can cause poor form and pain.  Every initial visit includes a biomechanical analysis of you doing a series of movements designed to reveal specific muscles weakness or tightness. 

We offer Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Titleist Performance Institute Screen (TPI). FMS is a tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to any good functional movement quality. The TPI screen is a series of golf related movements used to identify areas of decreased mobility and stability that can cause pain or impede golf performance.

“I finished in 3:29!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I want to thank you so much for your work. I don't think I could have met that goal without your ART, training and encouragement.   You are awesome!!”  – Jules, San Francisco (Triathlete)
“You got rid of that knee pain and I was able to meet my goals (AIDS Lifecycle & Death Ride) pain free” – Ben, San Francisco (Cyclist)
move fluidly at work & play